Spiritual and Moral Goals

Providing opportunities for students to grow in knowledge, understanding, and experience of Jesus Christ through:

Daily community prayer
Weekly Mass
Frequent reception of the sacraments
Daily religion classes
Learning of basic Catholic Prayers
Developing a personal prayer life of speaking and
listening to God through meditation and reflection
Teaching children to take responsibility for their actions in light of the moral law (The Ten Commandments), the Gospel Law of Love,and the law of the land as reflected in school rules, as well as tribal, state and national laws. We also emphasize making wise decisions concerning the use of drugs, alcohol, over-eating, and sexual activity.









Academic Goals

Enabling students to think logically, decide wisely and grow intellectually as they are challenged academically in the acquisition and integration of knowledge, skills, virtues, and values. By using and applying the higher thinking skills of integration, synthesis, and evaluation with meaning and ease. Applying prior knowledge to new situations and mastering the fundamental skills required in all academic areas of study.

All students will improve their reading level and writing skills of grammar, usage, and composition. It is also our goal to help all students improve their mathematical computational and problem solving skills. Also, all students will demonstrate by their words and actions daily growth in Respect, Reverence, and Responsibility.

Physical Goals

Providing greater opportunities for physical growth and well being of the students (in light of the Akimel O'Odham's genetic predisposition to diabetes) through frequent fitness activities and a positive well-balanced nutrition program. Running or fast walking at least 2 miles daily in keeping with the Quest Program.

Giving our children life long skills for fitness through exercise, running, and balanced nutrition. Giving special attention and time to those who are morbidly obese to help them become healthier in all ways.

12/13/05 missionschool 129932 - Sister Martha ãCqõ principal of the Gila River Indian Community's ãCqõ St. Peter Indian Mission School ãCqõ, accompanies a group of children on one of their daily exercise runs. Photo by Catherine J. Jun/AZR



O'Odham Cultural Goals

Building within students an attitude of deep respect and appreciation of their American Indian - Pima heritage through culture classes that teach Pima language, legends, customs, traditions, prayers, songs, and dances. Providing opportunities for students to share their culture with others and to incorporate the O'Odham Culture into our prayer and liturgy.

Social and Emotional Goals

Giving the students the skills needed to participate successfully in community building activities, service projects, peacemaking and conflict resolution through out the community. Become aware that as citizens of the World, one's service has to extend beyond one's own community.