Attendance of School

Daily attendance of school is MANDATORY except in cases of illness. Regular attendance has a marked influence upon scholastic achievement. The school cannot be responsible for a student’s academic progress when there are excessive absences.

Absences fall under two categories, Excused and Unexcused. Excused absences are defined as non-attendance due to illness or injury, family emergencies, and/or other special circumstances as reviewed by the administration.
All other absences, including vacations, are considered to be unexcused absences. St. Peter Catholic School strongly discourages scheduling vacations while school is in session. In addition, we request that parents try to schedule medical appointments outside of school hours. Student attendance is a part of each student’s cumulative record.


*  The parent/guardian must call the School Office to report a student absence. Please do not call the student's teacher. The School Office will communicate this information to the teacher for you.

*  When a student returns to school, a written note from the parent/guardian stating the date and reason for the absence MUST be turned in to the school office.
~Notes will be kept on file.

*  Tardiness interferes with learning. Children who are habitually late or tardy will be kept after school and parents will be called to pick them up.

*  If your child is to be picked up for early dismissal, please come to the office and your child will be called. Do not go to your child's classroom.

*  Excessive Absenteeism, If a student is absent more than 10 days in a trimester, a conference with the teacher, student, and parents/guardians will be required. If 10 or more absences occur per semester, a student may jeopardize their opportunity to continue his/her enrollment for the following semester or be promoted to the next grade level.