Bus Rules: Children are to act with respect, reverence, and responsibility:

*  Be polite, respectful, thankful, and speak softly.
*  All books, and school supplies must be in clear, see-through book bags.
*  Pencils, pens, markers, or colors are not allowed in book bags; nor are they allowed to be carried by students on the bus.
*  Remain seated in assigned places at all times, while the bus is in motion. No jumping, hiding, or running around!
*  Get on and off the bus at your 'normal' place, unless an appropriate note from the office indicates a change.
*  No food or drink on the bus; no seeds, kool-aid, gum, candy etc...
*  No fighting, bullying, or threat making on the the bus

Students may not have:

*  Cell phones, radios, tape players, or headsets
*  Video games (ie; gameboys, PSP's, or any other handhelds), Ipods, or MP3 players
*  These items will be taken from the student, turned into the office and the parent will have to come and sign for its release.
*Evacuation Drills will be practiced each semester with students.

Bus Discipline Policy:

*  The first bus offense will result in a one week suspension.
*  The second bus offense will result in a two week suspension.
*  The third bus offense will result in a three week suspension.
*  The fourth bus offense will result in suspension from bus riding for the rest of the year.
*Children unable to follow the 'Bus Rules' will be suspended from riding the bus