Contact With Students During School Hours - Diocesan Policy

If contact is sought by a Police Officer or Social Services Personnel, the principal must:

1. Obtain prior parental consent when the student is a minor, except if the Police or Social Services personnel directly inform the administrator not to contact the parents. In such cases, the school shall follow the directives of the Police or Social Services personnel.

2. Obtain information regarding when the parents will be notified and by whom they will be notified.

3. A written summary of the directives and information shall be made by the administrator and placed in the students school file.

4. Notify the Catholic Schools Office. If contact or custody is sought by anyone other than a Police Officer, Social Services, or a custodial parent, the administrator Must Obtain Parent's Consent.

* Ordinarily, the administrator shall not allow students to be alone with anyone who is not a legal guardian or school employee, even if the visitor is a medical or counseling person not employed by the school. This does not include persons authorized by parents or administrators as part of the regular curriculum or support programs of the school, nor those in a tutorial or diagnostic position.
* Teachers shall not allow students to leave classrooms to speak to non-school personnel, without the explicit permission of the administrator or his/her designee.
* The school may not be used by a non-custodial parent for the purpose of circumventing custody orders or visitation rights.
* No organization, agency, or person (excluding Police Officers and Social Services) may be allowed to assume custody of any student on school premises during school hours or immediately before or after school, unless explictly authorized in writing by the parent or guardian.

The following procedures must be followed when custody of a student is requested by a Police Officer:

1. If the Police Officer is Unknown to the administrator, the officer shall be asked to produce his/her credentials.

2. Should a Police Officer produce a warrant for the arrest of a student, the student shall be immediately surrendered to the officer. The administrator should request that Police Officer notify the parents before removing the student from the premises.

3. In instances NOT involving a warrant, parents may give telephone authorization to surrender their child to the Police Officer. The administrator shall make written notation of the time and a summary of the conversation and retain the notation in the school files. The administrator may then surrender the student to the Police Officer.

4. Whenever custody of a student is requested by a Police Officer, the administrator shall notify the Catholic School Office immediately or as soon as possible.

The following procedures must be followed when custody of a student is requested by Social Services:

1. Request and Examine Social Services credentials.

2. Obtain a copy of authorization from an appropriate court or other legal authority.

3. Should the Social Services representative request that the student be removed from the school prior to notification of the parent, the administrator shall:

* Request information from the Social Services Representative regarding when the parents will be notified and by whom.
* Obtain all pertinent information from the Social Services Representative regarding where the child will be taken and how the parents can reach the caseworker(s).
* Request a gender specific Police Officer to accompany the Social Services Representative and the student.
* Immediately make a written summary of the event and place it in the school files.
Notify the Catholic Schools Office as soon as possible.