Student Dress Code

Dress Code for School Year 2016 - 2017
1.  Simple Uniforms:

*  St. Peter T-Shirt or Polo
*  Solid Navy Blue or Khaki pants, slack, or shorts,'skorts', jumpers, or skirts.

2.  All uniforms Must be purchased at the School Store.
                  Note:If uniforms did not ORIGINATE from the School Store, they can not be worn.
3.  Uniform Regulations:

*  Fit Well. Pants at waist, belted when necessary.
*  Shirts always tucked in.
*  No BLACK anything -- caps, jackets, sweatshirts etc...
*  Jackets, caps, and sweatshirts -- may only be worn outside, never inside.

4.  Shoes: Good fitting, Practical, tied or velcro tennis shoes are required daily wear.
5.  Book bags must be either clear see thru plastic or see thru mesh.
6.  No Makeup, No Jewelery.
Note: Nail Polish is considered Make-up.
7.  Children in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 are to have an extra change of clothing in school at all times in case of 'accidents'.
Note: Please send them on the first day of school.
8.  Traditional Clothing: All children are encouraged to have a set of traditional clothing for special occasions.
9.  We reserve the right to BAN any clothing deemed to be 'gang related' at any time.
10.  Hair Rules:

*  Hair is to be CLEAN, neatly combed, gel/greaseless, pulled back, and LICE-FREE.
*  Hair length for boys: collar length or shorter
*  Young men who participate in traditional ceremonies may keep their hair pulled back.
*  Hair should be 'off the face', not covering the eyebrows, and always pulled back
*  Coloring of hair, bleaching, streaking etc.. is NOT allowed.

11.  Any changes or additions to this Dress Code will be discussed with parents at the monthly Home-School Meetings as we have always done.
12.  Consistent Disregard for the Dress Code indicates the choice for another school.